As consumer spend continues to shift online, aOrlian gives brands and retailers the necessary tools to evolve their capabilities into a combined online and offline offering. Our leaders and experts support many businesses and identify the right ecommerce, omnichannel and digital initiatives that create incremental value beyond their current physical distribution model. We deploy strategies and actionable solutions to drive customer acquisition, create seamless customer experiences, and integrate ecommerce and store fulfillment. In short, we create value for our clients by helping them plan, prioritize and implement the right initiatives that deliver profitable growth ― whether online or offline.

Key Questions and Challenges

Our experienced professionals have a deep understanding of the key challenges in today’s marketplace, and we encourage our clients to consider these key questions:

  • What are your digital touch points? Your website? Amazon and other third-party websites? Mobile apps? Social networks? They’re all critical, unique and more powerful together.
  • How do you drive traffic and brand engagement? (e.g., search, digital advertising, personalized emails and online communities that build consumer knowledge, brand awareness and customer loyalty)
  • How do you drive conversion for ecommerce and brick-and-mortar sales? (e.g., website design, ease of navigation, customer service, shipping costs and return policies, and integration with other channels ― both physical and digital)
  • How do you structure merchandising and pricing? What should your assortment be, and how do these factors integrate with what your stores or wholesale accounts carry? How do you handle pricing and promotions differently online than in physical channels? How do you use your digital channel assortment and pricing to test and learn before launching a product in all brick-and-mortar channels?
  • What is the right operating model and platform for your business today? What pain points can an omnichannel approach solve, and how can it help defend and gain share? How must the strategy evolve as your business scales or the competitive set changes?
  • aOrlian has helped many clients understand how they can integrate Amazon into their current businesses and realize material topline growth, while mitigating the challenges of selling through Amazon. If done properly, integrating Amazon into clients’ businesses can unleash vast upside potential. Outside of brands with true consumer pull and loyalty, brands that choose not to engage with Amazon run the very real risk of becoming invisible to their customers, especially as digital commerce captures an ever-increasing share of consumer spending.