From macro shifts such as the move toward miniaturization in packaging, to sector-specific trends such as the use of drones and autonomous technology in transport, the freight and logistics sector is undergoing disruption — and generating opportunities — on multiple levels. The disruption is being felt across all modes and market segments, up and down the value chain.

How We Help

aOrlian works with freight and logistics clients to help navigate a changing market and make critical investment decisions. We apply our extensive experience across parcels, containerized freight and bulk freight, to inform logistics, distribution, and delivery services in both B2B and B2C environments for clients including rail freight operators, trucking companies, third-party logistics providers, air freight operators, port operators, shipping companies, government bodies and investors.

Our sector specialists have a deep understanding of the key business challenges across the freight and logistics sector, where we regularly address some key challenges:

  • How do we size the potential for international expansion and new market entry?
  • What is the best network structure to adopt to support our business and deliver growth?
  • How do we position for growth in a complex market with many moving parts?
  • How do we organize to improve operational performance?
  • How do we stay on top of — and best leverage — technological advances?